Jaws maui hawaii


known as the biggest wave in the world, is found in Hawaii on the beautiful North Shore of Maui. This magnificent force of nature was the inspiration to open the Jaws Country Store. It is the gathering place for many big wave pro surfers who come from across the globe to surf what they are calling “the 8th Wonder of the World.”

Jaws Country Store

Jaws Country store was founded by a local family from Haiku. The Roberson family, having been raised in the area has a connection with Jaws that is deeply rooted. Grandpa Roberson was the founder of the “Jaws” surf wave and he also gave it its name in 1974. Father Kaleo Roberson, a longtime Jaws surfer, started the Jaws Surf Company with his partner & big wave champion, Makua Rothman. The Roberson family was blessed with 3 boys, each one naturally  becoming a champion surfer. The families youngest boy Baby Steve Roberson at the age of 10 was and is to this day, the youngest person to ever surf Jaws.

Jaws Country Store is Maui’s North Shores favorite new café & store. They serve fresh local delicious food sourced from Maui’s fisherman and farmers. The store is filled with over a hundred different Maui Made products from local artisans including many of Maui’s young keikis (children) When you support Jaws Country Store not only are you supporting a local family but you are supporting Maui’s farmers. Jaw Country Store is a perfect place to stop by for breakfast or lunch. Sit Enjoy a meal on our outdoor picnic tables in our gardens or under our covered deck. We offer free wifi & public restrooms. Please stop by on your next Road to Hana adventure.